General population: violent inmates, professional convicts, gangs, tattoos, guards, the yard, and lifting weights...

Common caricatures of prison life that teach you nothing about institutional centers of crime, criminals, and maladjusted humans. Thrown into the same pit regardless of rank, file, status, manner, opinion or education with any people adjudged or declared, "Not Fit For Society." That's actual prison. Prison Coach knows because Prison Coach was there for 5 years. Prison is a complex organism of criminals, guards, the yard, the state, and your soon to be dehumanized body locked away in a facility. Prison is where civilization has put the people that society cannot tolerate; it is a social-psychology experiment where the most violent, disagreeable, and incorrigible people live out their days; people whom will continue to live out their days well after your release.

Prison rape is a myth; and a prison knife is an inch or two, so a stab won't kill you; plan on surviving your sentence.

So there are unpleasant parts about prison, that’s obvious; but just about everything said or written about prison is hype. Unless you are talking to someone who actually has been to prison, just ignore it. You are not going to get raped, no matter what anybody tells you; that doesn’t happen don’t worry about it. And you won’t get stabbed either, unless you really deserve it because it’s just more convenient to beat you up. Now that part does happen sometimes but hell, you made it through high-school gym class didn’t you?

The Prison Coach was a normal guy, still is, who happens to have served 5 years in prison. And he is convinced that a normal person, after he has talked with them for a bit, could make it through prison just fine. You must be realistic though: you will have to beat people up (at least make the effort) or get beat up; that’s just part of prison life. You will naturally have questions about what happens next when things get critical, and for that watch his 15-minute streaming video which has real advice about real prison.

If you want more, the Prison Coach is available to talk with you via Skype where he will do his best to answer all your questions. If you do not have online access and are unable to talk with Prison Coach via Skype, you have the option to meet face-to-face with Prison Coach; this option is a real pain in the ass and has been priced to include travel & stay expenses because Prison Coach and his team will physically come out to meet with you in a limousine for 90-minutes or, for an additional fee, Prison Coach will exit the limousine for up to 90-minutes in order to visit with you.

Prison Coach’s Online and Premier Full-Service Offerings

Watch Prison Coach:
15-minute streaming video


Real advice about real prison for what happens next when things get critical.

Skype Prison Coach:
20-minute online meeting


A personal session online to ask Prison Coach your questions about prison life.

Meet Prison Coach:
90-minute limousine drive


The team will physically come out to meet or visit with you.

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